First Post Of 2017- Favourite Liquid Lipsticks

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the delay in this first post of the new year!

I really wanted to write this post about a couple of products I received from one of my gorgeous friends for Christmas. She had a trip to America, so I put in my order but she kindly gave them to me as gifts. I was so happy!

I’ve tried quite a few liquid lipsticks but they’ve all ‘lacked’ something. I’ve found them either drying or sticky, some crumble or crack. None of which I want, and often puts me off wearing it. Even high-end ones.

The first one (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this one, I’ve been obsessed) is ‘Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit’ in ‘Pumpkin’.

The colour, oh my gosh, it’s like nothing I’ve seen before. Totally my colour, a warm dirty orange brown, ’Autumn’ in a lipstick.

The lip liner glides on so easily, it’s so creamy and so pigmented.

The lipstick itself is also highly pigmented and you don’t need a lot on the doe foot to cover your entire lips. It takes seconds to dry matte and feels like I have a moisturising lip balm on my lips that I forget about. No cracking, it doesn’t flake off and after a whole day of eating and drinking it’s still absolutely perfect with no transfer and it requires no touch ups whatsoever. Perfect! 

Lastly the smell, yum! It’s like a Vanilla Cupcake in a tube. It’s quite strong compared to other Lipsticks that smell similar but I’m ok with that. Once it’s applied you can’t even notice it.

Secondly, I have wanted this particular shade ever since I saw it on a ‘YouTube’ makeup tutorial. I’m often put off wearing a red lip as I hate the thought of it flying all around my face and looking like the Joker… or a ‘joke’. So I had to get my hands on this ‘perfect’ shade in a liquid formula and It’s the ‘Anastasia Beverley Hills’ in ‘Strawberry’. It’s a very similar formula to the ‘Kylie’ kits, but I think it’s slightly more of a liquidy application, but again it has no transfer and stays put all day. My lips feel moisturised and look perfect all day. Full marks!

I tried them both with and without ‘Mac Prep and Prime Lip’ to see if there was a different in moisturisation and longevity but they both applied and lasted exactly the same.

I’m yet to try any of the other shades as these two were ‘top of my list’ but I wasn’t disappointed one bit. I know formulas can vary sometimes with shades, so what would you guys recommend as the next shades to get?



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