Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

I’ve never tried a tissue mask until I saw these and as a beauty fanatic, I really wanted to try them. My local store had them on offer so I grabbed one each of the different types.

First time I tried it, Yeh, I didn’t read the instructions and left the blue bit that you’re meant to take off, well, on. Then I wondered why it wasn’t sticking to my face very well, so once I’d peeled that outer blue layer off I managed to mold it to my face better!

The sheet has a gel-like covering and any excess gel I use on my neck, as there is quite a bit left in the packet. It’s really soothing on the skin and super comfortable to wear. I didn’t have to keep adjusting it, nor did it slide or peel off my face. I just sat back in my hot bubble bath and relaxed whilst the mask did its magic.

So the part you actually want to know… Did it actually make any difference? Well yes, It left my skin so soft and almost squeaky clean. I had no tightness, breakouts or irritation after using them.  Would I rebuy them? Yes, I would. I find some masks draw out the moisture from your skin, whereas these do the opposite. I love the feel of my skin after and my skin felt hydrated until the next day when I applied my daily moisturiser; and of course, they are fun to use.

They come in a few different  varieties for different skin needs:



Glow Revealing



I personally wanted to try them all. I wouldn’t say there is a huge difference between them, I guess it’s just personal preference.


Let me know in the comments what you think of these masks.


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