June Favourites

This month has been another month of trying new bits and I have a few new products that I want to review soon as I already love them and obvs need to share with you! It’s a bit of a long list of favourites this month. I’ve just been excited about a lot of products as you can see. So grab a snack and get comfy before you start!


Makeup favourites have been my Bourjois CC Cream. It’s a wonder product, You need the tiniest of an amount and it hides redness, dark circles, and any other imperfections. I never need to use a concealer with it, only if I want to brighten and highlight. It’s lightweight, my skin looks like I have nothing on and my complexion is flawless. I bought the foundation version of it and it was no comparison, not even close. Sadly I won’t ever use it. This has SPF 15, so it protects you from those harmful rays and claims to have 24-hour hydration, I’ve not worn it for 24 hours, who does? But for the duration I have worn it, it definitely is hydrating.

Bourjois CC Cream in Bronze

My next beauty favourite is one that I’ve mentioned before, Sorry! Mac lip liner in Stripdown, paired with Mac Peachstock. It’s just the perfect lip combo and it just suits me and any eye look I do. I just can’t seem to move away from it. It’s a satin finish lipstick which is so comfortable on the lips and doesn’t feel at all drying. I always use Mac Prep and Prime lip base first and it’s amazing. Yes, you can use lip balm but I find liners just don’t apply the same with a random lip balm. This lip base helps your products go on perfect. It’s £14 but I’ve had mine for months and use it every day.

Mac Lips

I have two regular Tangle Teasers already, one I bought, and the other a gift. My hair is thick and gets quite knotty so I find them hard to use. However, I bought the one that has a handle and its made my life so much easier. I first saw another YouTuber using one and thought to myself “That’s what I need!”. My hair would be a matted mess without it!

Tangle Free Hair

Rimmel Stay Matte is my next favourite. Everyone one, well, every blogger/beauty guru says it’s wonderful. I kept thinking “really? Is it really THAT good?”.  So I bought it, it wasn’t like it was expensive, and you know what, I’ve used it every day since. It’s lightweight and you can look close up at your face and you will see ZERO powder. My t-zone has never been so oil free. So yes, it really IS that good!

One Of The Best Affordable Powders

My go to highlighter at the moment is Beaming Blush by Mac. It’s a pinky shade that looks gold on the skin. It’s not a blinding highlight but when it catches the light it looks so pretty and it gives the most beautiful glow. It blends out perfectly using a fan brush; or if I want a more intense look, I use my finger.

Mac Beaming Blush

Now that it’s finally got a little warmer here in the UK, my Coconut Oil has now become soft enough for me to be able to use without digging it out and breaking all my nails! It’s my favourite way to moisturise but unfortunately, it’s not much use in a solidified state, so I can only really use it in the Summer months. It’s so nourishing on the skin whilst leaving a healthy looking glow. It’s especially amazing for anyone with dry skin. After moisturising, any leftover product I have on my hands, I run through my hair. I grab mine from Superdrug and stock up when it’s on offer.

Holy Grail Beauty Product

A new product that I picked up is the Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go 2in1 Primer and Setting Spray. Not only does it smell of cucumbers but it actually does a great job of locking in my makeup. I’ve used it every day for about 2 weeks and I’m actually impressed. It dries almost instantly, unlike with my other setting sprays which I have to fan my face, but with this I just spray and I’m done. It’s oil free which is great for oily girls like me; My face stays oil and shine free ALL day with this. Combined with the Stay Matte Powder, they are a perfect pair. I’ve been using NYX setting spray for a long time now and I feel I’ve found something that I think is actually better. Sorry NYX!


I’ve wanted Benefits Galiforina ever since it came out (It is/was on my Wishlist) It’s so my colour! But I waited, and it paid off because I was given a discount code with £5 off, so it was rude not to use it, hey? I’m sure many of you have it and are as happy with it as I am. It’s stayed centre stage on my vanity ever since as I use it every day. The majority of my blushes are orange toned as it’s just what suits me best. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the scent… OMGosh! Sooooo beautiful! And as for the packaging, well, it just screams Summer.

Sooooo Pretty!

For any of you who wear contact lenses, this one’s for you. Blink have just come out with a new Hydrating Eye Mist. Most sprays you can’t use with hard or soft lenses, you can only use drops. I bought this before we had the lovely weather here in the UK and I can tell you now, these drops were liiiiiife! They were so soothing for dry eyes and they have a cooling sensation which is literally the best feeling. You spray them directly into your eyes and they don’t make your eyes water OR smudge your makeup. They are more on the pricey side, but they last 90 days. I also wrote a post on FAQ on wearing Contact Lenses that you can check out HERE

Thank Goodness For These

The last beauty product is one that I’ve had for a few years but I’ve only just started using again. It’s a large fan brush that I bought from eBay. I originally bought it to use with a highlight, but I didn’t realise it was as big as it is until it arrived. I’ve recently dug it out again and have been using it to apply my bronzer. I love the finish it gives, my bronzer blends out flawlessly and makes my face look naturally bronzed as there are no harsh lines. I think the brush itself was £1.50 and is great quality for such a cheap brush. It washes so well and is ridiculously soft.

eBay Special

That’s it! Yay! if you made it this far.

Just one last thing…

I think the whole nation is watching Love Island. So I had to mention it. I’m loving this series! I always have to follow the action on Twitter as well. Who else does this? I’m really enjoying this year, although I really enjoyed last years too; I just love the programme! Big Brother has gone down hill in my opinion. I’m usually such a fan, but now there is no real difference between the celebrity version and the ‘normal’ people; Everyone has already been in something else I feel I already know about these people and takes the fun away from it.

Can’t wait to see what unfolds in the two villas!


Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.




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