L’Oreal Total Cover Review

I bought this Foundation a while ago and heard good things about it. I don’t have any really full coverage foundations, mostly medium-buildable so I took the plunge and after guessing my shade online, which turned out to be a little too dark. I tried it. I’ll be honest, the consistency was very thick and it took forever to blend in. In just had random patches of dark foundation around my face. Not the look I was going for!I I wasn’t a fan.

But then I was hearing that other people were mixing it in with their ‘True Match’ foundation. So I gave this a go. Wow! The perfect combo! It blended out so much easier, the coverage is insane and it looks so perfect on the skin. You only need the smallest amount of the ‘Total Cover’, when mixed with the ‘True Match’, it really goes a long way! I’ve tried all different primers underneath it as well and works perfectly with them all. I have worn it quite a few times during the day if I want to look flawless, or just my best! I think it would be the perfect evening foundation. It’s not overly flattering on me in direct sunlight as it’s so full coverage, Peach fuzz, you know what in talking about! It doesn’t settle into any fine lines or wear off throughout the day though, but then I don’t seem to ever have this problem with foundations anyway. I’m really oily but this stays matte on my skin ALL day after I’ve set my face with my usual powders. Most foundations I need to blot at some stage throughout the day.

I bought the foundation on an offer and received a free beauty sponge. The sponge works well but I won’t be replacing it with my Beautyblender.

Is this my new favourite base? It could well be. I only own one other drugstore foundation and it’s really not one I ever reach for. This foundation definitely feels more high-end.


What were your first impressions of this foundation? Do you use it alone or mix with another foundation?





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