My ‘Go To’ Makeup Brushes

Since starting to get more and more into makeup I discovered that the execution of the perfect makeup is a lot down to the tools you use. You can have the most expensive and high-end makeup, but if you are using poor brushes; chances are you won’t get your desired finish.

I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune but have a few good quality brushes that can be for multiple uses. There are so many companies now that do affordable brushes of high quality. I’ve wasted money on cheap brushes that shed all their bristles and wondered why my foundation looks patchy or my shadows don’t blend. I thought it’s better to save and have a set of good quality brushes that I won’t need to replace. I love a bargain too, so I wait for discount codes, offers and compare sites for the best deal. You can save a fortune doing this.

My personal favourites are ‘Sigma brushes,’ I love the quality and always give me the ‘desired’ effect. I wouldn’t be without them now. They’re long-lasting and wash like new without loss of hairs. Make sure you give your brushes a little wash to ensure the life of them!! I wash mine once a month. I recently bought the ‘Sigma Spa Express Mat;’ It’s slightly smaller than the original but just as effective, definitely saves your hands!! Also, I find it really gets into the bristles to give a really deep clean. In between washes, I spot clean with a cotton pad and antibacterial brush spray to kill bacteria and clean off any excess makeup.


Other brands that I really like using are ‘Real Techniques’, Morphe and Zoeva. I have a few Mac brushes but they are more High-end.

I really love the ‘BeautyBlender’ as well.  Of course, there are other brands that do beauty sponges. The ‘Real Techniques Sponge’ is a very close second to the BeautyBlender but I find overall the BeautyBlender to be my go-to sponge. I find it is slightly more squishy and works better on my skin.

Everyday Brushes and Tools:

  • Sigma F82 Round Kabuki (Foundation) Buy Here
  • Real Techniques Powder Brush (Setting Face) Buy Here
  • Sigma F50 Duo Fibre (Bronzing) Buy Here
  • Real Techniques Blush brush (Blush) Buy Here
  • Mac 266 Angled Brush (Brows with pomade) Buy Here
  • Sigma E06 Angled Brush (Wing Liner) Buy Here
  • Sigma E25 Blender  (Flat Brush for precision in crease) Buy Here
  • Sigma E40 Tapered Blender (Shadow blending) Buy Here
  • Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blender (Precision in the outer V) Buy Here
  • Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease (Shadow blending) Buy Here
  • MUG Small Crease Brush (Under eye blending) Buy Here
  • B. Fan Brush (Highlighter) Buy Here
  • Elaina Badro Brow Brush (Grooming those brows)
  • BeautyBlender (Great for use with both liquids and powders) Buy Here

I don’t always Contour and Bake, but if I do I use these brushes

Contour and Baking:

  • Real Techniques Setting Brush (Setting under eye) Buy Here
  • Sigma P86 Precision Tapered Brush (Concealer) Buy Here
  • Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki (Dusting away loose powder) Buy Here
  • Mac 275 (Nose contour) Buy Here


*All opinions are my own and I am not sponsored by any of the above brands



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