Does The Weather Determine Your Outfit?

Lately, I’ve been struggling when comes to what to wear, mainly because of the weather, yes, I said it again, the damn weather. It really does make an impact on what to wear. I’m actually sat here wrapped in a blanket as I’m typing this.  I absolutely hate being cold so for me I seem to gravitate to warm clothes, which usually consist of leggings, a big fluffy hoodie, and a warm jacket. What I really want to wear is a nice dress or skirt with a cute little top, bare legged. Nope, not in the UK. (I’ve tried to love tights, I just can’t). Usually, I just wear the same old boring, non-adventurous garms. I grab a pair of battered old trainers as I fly out the door because let’s face it, its probably going to rain so let’s avoid ruining those gorgeous new sandals with the bright pom poms and the pretty tassels and accept that other than the two weeks of summer (80-85 degrees max) we get a year, it’s about dressing for the weather and not the occasion.

So last week I decided that in order to help me be a little more organised and not have the weather dictate how I’m going to dress, I had a massive wardrobe clear out. I had so many items that I say to myself I’ll wear but still haven’t since the last time I said: “I might wear it”. I really won’t, so just get rid! It did feel good to clear out the ‘maybes’ and ‘definitely nots’. 90% of these items I’d bought for ‘summer’ then summer never comes.

I used to keep my summer clothes in one wardrobe and winter clothes in the other. What a waste of wardrobe! Now I’ve split, Bottoms Tops, Jumpers, Coats and Jackets in one, then day/evening dresses and skirts and shorts in the other. Now it’s much more organised and so much easier to see what is what.  Jumpers and coats dominate my wardrobe! I wish it was bikinis and summer dresses!! Now I can try to plan stylish outfits that I want to wear which also work for the cold and wet weather.

I also find its shopping this time of year is kind of hit and miss, all the shops stock the gorgeous ‘summer’ pieces because we simply don’t have the climate to wear them, so it’s never worth buying just to wear one or twice. I only ever buy summer clothes if I’m planning a trip away to a hot country. When I am abroad and the weather is warm and sunny, outfit choosing is so simple and effortless that I don’t even need to think about what I’m going to wear. I take minimal outfits and it’s so easy to forget about all my other clothes back at home in my wardrobe. So for me, a hot climate makes dressing so simple and effortless. I really do get photo envy when I see my Instagram feed full of sunshine and summer clothes. I get so inspired then look out the window and cry a little inside. Haha, no I don’t really, I’m already looking up where to buy the outfit! Which will probably then end up in the ‘maybe’ pile. Damn it! I bet I’m not the only one that has a ‘hopefully it will be hot enough to wear it’ section in their wardrobe?


How do you plan your wardrobe to suit the climate? Does the wear determine your outfit?




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