Christmas Memories

Christmas is such a magical time of the year, although it used to be when I was younger *sighs* I used to get so excited the moment the decorations and trees went up. I remember having the most awful decorations that used to hang from the ceiling, a sort of metallic multicoloured cut-out monstrosity just dangling there. I’d bust my thumb trying to pin them to the ceiling or wall! Paper chains, oh my gosh! They went on for miles. Giant plastic hangups of Santa and Snowmen. Then there was snow in a can, that stuff sticks like sh*t! It’s great putting it on windows with a pretty stencil but getting it off was something else. We’d always have a ‘real tree’, that tradition has always stuck, I’m happy to hoover up the needles just for that gorgeous smell when you walk in the room. It takes me right back to when I was about 9 when I used to go into the dark living room and sit next to the multicoloured lit REAL Christmas tree taking in all the excitement and peaking at the gifts underneath.

There was a movie that used to come on usually on Boxing Day, I’m not sure if it still does come on but I’d watch it every year. It was called ‘Santa Claus’ but a really old version where Santa wore green originally and the toys were wooden. That’s how I imagined Santa and the North Pole to be like, Exactly like it. Not like these modern films. Elf is an exception, love that film! I’d sit there watching ‘Santa Claus’ eating my favour Christmas treat; the tins of Cadbury’s chocolate biscuits. My Great Uncle would buy a tin for the family every year and they were/are truly the BEST!

‘Santa Claus’ The movie

Christmas Eve was truly magically for me, as a child, I would think about the fact that Santa would be getting ready for his night ahead and Rudolf with his shiny red nose. I never really thought ‘how?’ because of course it was magic and that didn’t matter, I’d just wonder where he’d be at that very moment. I wasn’t even fussed about what I may get from him, it was all just so exciting.

Christmas morning, well I was up and out of bed earlier than everyone! ‘Had Santa been?’ I’m there hunting around my room frantically for a big red stocking with my name sewn in bold lettering down the front of it. Of course, he had. Presents poking out of the top, spilling out. Santa always gave me a Satsuma without fail, and a piece if Coal, yep, Coal. I’d end up with black hands, apparently its tradition; Did you know?! Next moment my Dad would throw a present through the door onto my bed, he’s the biggest kid of all when it comes to Christmas. “More under the tree”, he’d shout.


About mid-day we would head to my Aunts for dinner. My cousin and I would play together before we sat down to eat, showing each other our gorgeous gifts, toys would be everywhere and family members would be sitting all cosy on the sofa in front of a big open fire, others rushing around sorting the table arrangements, chaos, but good chaos.

Dinner was always a big family get together, where my Aunt and Gran would do all the cooking. There would be about 12 of us, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, Great Grandparents; you get the idea. Crackers would be pulled, hats put on and bad jokes told. The spread was delicious, I always over ate then didn’t know what to do with myself, but the food was so good I just wanted more. Growing up I couldn’t eat some foods, one of them being fruit, well Christmas puds usually consisted of mostly fruit, so my Aunt used to make a Pavlova AND Meringues.I felt quite spoilt. I was in pudding heaven, my cousin and I would sit and fight over them like they were gold dust! The meringues were almost as big as our heads! Thank you, Auntie.

Zoom Forward years and the big family get-togethers weren’t so big anymore, Children became adults, adults sadly left us and Santa stopped coming. I’m not sure when exactly when he stopped coming but the magic stopped too. Christmas wasn’t quite the same after. That excitement that once consumed me had disappeared. It reminds me of the film ‘The Polar Express’ when the little boy can’t hear the bell ring *sobs* But I think Christmas is more special for Children. I had my time, I just hope mine feel the magic like I did. Now that I have my 3-year-old I feel a little bit of the magic coming back. I’m mostly excited for him; seeing his little face opening presents. I don’t think he really understands about ‘Santa’ yet but he will and he’s going to love it.

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Hope you enjoyed my little reminisce of the past. I’m sat here writing this whilst surrounded by the beautiful smell of the tree and the twinkle of the lights, Bliss.

Wishing you all a very magical Christmas.



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