Handbag Essentials

In a previous post, I wrote about the bag of my dreams. See Here. I’d been in search of the perfect bag for a while and finally found this one from Micheal Kors. It was a splurge, yes, but I wanted something I knew I wouldn’t get bored of, that was the right size and the perfect colour to wear with ANY outfit. This was it.

Love This Beaut

Obviously, The first thing I keep in my bag is my purse. It is a little worn but it’s done well as I have had it almost 3 years now! I bought it from Bershka when I went to Cyprus on holiday. It’s nice and big and of course, pink. Purses that zip all the way around so nothing can fall out work better for me. This purse is ideal because if I need to pop to the shop without taking my bag, then my mobile and keys fit in nicely as well.

My Pink Love

I don’t carry a makeup bag with me as I tend to just set my makeup before I leave and it always stays put. I’d never redo my whole face when I’m out so I prefer to keep everything at home. A must though, is my Blotterazzi by Beautyblender just in case I get oily around my T-zone and need to dab it away. It also has a handy little mirror inside the lid so I can use this to reapply lippy as well… I always take my lip products in case I eat or drink and need to touch up my lips. This includes my Mac Prep+Prime Lip (the best primer to apply before any lip product), a lip liner, gloss and lipstick.

Oily Gals Knoooooow!

I carry a zillion hair ties, clips, bobby pins, and elastics. Just in case! Just in case what? I don’t know…Just in case.

My First Aid Beauty Face Spray lives in my bag for moments when I need a refresh and give my skin a little drink.

Antibac hand gel is a must, I currently have the Carex Bubblegum one. It smells yummy and saves me from bugs if I eat out. Another hand product I carry is my Coconut Island Hand Cream. It’s the best hand cream I’ve ever used, not only does it smells like a tropical island, but it hydrates my hands leaving them soft with a protective layer. I wrote a post about this Treaclemoon range HERE.

Hand + Face

When it comes to perfume, I don’t like taking a whole bottle just in case it smashes, so I take an atomizer, with a favourite fragrance in it. I have Chanel Chance Eau Tendre in it at the moment. Such a gorgeous scent.

Being a contact lenses wearer, I like to keep some Blinks Intensive Tears pipettes with me in case my eyes feel dry. They are better than the bottles of drops because the bottles have a 3-month shelf life whereas the pipettes are individual and last about 3 years.

After eating or drinking I like to make sure I have fresh breath (as I’m sure everyone else around me does as well!) so I always carry gum with me, usually, Wrigley’s Extra Spearmint. I also have a little ‘Hello’ Mouth Spray. 

Be Prepared!

Now that bags are 5p I’d rather have my own, so why not have a fun little fold away bag. I got this cute one from Paperchase. It has its own little pouch so keeps neat and doesn’t take up much space.

The last things I carry are baby wipes and tissues. Any mum of young kids knows this drill. Kids, get, messy! Wipes are essential! You just don’t leave the house without them; If you do, you’re screwed! They also come in handy when you’ve been makeup shopping and have a million swatches all over your hands!

A Must!

Oh! and I nearly forgot that I keep a notebook and pen in my bag (it was hiding!) for the moments when an awesome idea pops into my mind, and for anyone who asks for a pen and paper! This notebook was also from Paperchase. Can you tell I love Paperchase?!

For Big Ideas

Obviously, I take my car keys and my house keys but that’s pretty standard. Although I’m quite impressed with my little keyring selection I have going on right now. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my sunnies either, they are from Quay Australia- available at Asos. One, because I love them, and two, because I can’t see without them because my eyes are so sensitive. If it’s a sunny or a bright day, they just water and it’s not that pleasant.

Keep Calm, Smile And Ride A Unicorn, After All, You Are Wonder Woman Wearing A Guess FlipFlop!


What are your essentials??


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