The Town Mill Bakery- Lyme Regis

Hi Lovelies

This weekend I had my best friends come to stay for a much-needed catch-up!

Saturday morning we planned to go to the ‘Town Mill Bakery’. We love this place, although may not be to everyone’s taste. It’s an organic artisan bakery/restaurant. They make all of the bread and cakes on the premises, using traditional recipes and processes, all made with local ingredients.


 The Town Mill Bakery – Lyme Regis, Dorset


This is probably about the 12th time I have been here for breakfast and I never get bored with it, it’s an experience, unlike your usual breakfast eateries.

DIY Breakfast

It’s very rustic and cosy,  you all sit on long benches, sharing bowls of homemade butter, peanut butter, jam, milk and sugar. From a selection of homemade bread, you cut your own bread and toast it yourself. No plates here, all food is eaten off small chopping board blocks. You can spoon yourself up a gorgeous muesli made of nuts, berries and seeds with either milk or yoghurt. You can boil your own eggs or have a choice of a small selection of cooked food made right in front of you. They offer fresh salad, bacon, fruit and an assortment of pastries that you can eat in or take with you.

Slice + Toast Your Own Bread

Choice Of Muesli, Fruit + Yoghurt

Wholemeal Bread with Homemade Jam

You order your cooked food with this kind gentleman and within a few minutes it ready.

Freshly Sourced Salad, Brioche + Crispy Bacon

Open Kitchen

For lunch, they make Soups and Pizza (I’m yet to try the lunch menu) 2:30pm-4:00 pm.

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. You remember what you eat and drink and then you just tell them as you are leaving. No tabs or bills.

Staff will either ask if you’d like a hot drink or otherwise you can ask and they will be happy to go off and make you one. Alternatively, you can have a cold drink from a selection.

It does get quite busy, especially in the summer months. I’ve been a few times where I’ve had to go away and come back as there just isn’t enough space and people are already queuing waiting for others to leave. It really is a popular place. Our visit was quite quiet, but we got there just before breakfast finished (8:30am-12pm) So I guess most people would have been and gone.

This hot plate with cooked food is a new addition from when I went last. I think it’s a brilliant improvement. The food was AMAZING!

Breakfast Made In Front Of You

My Eggy Sourdough with Homemade Tomato Sauce and Pesto Tomatoes

Two of us opted for a cooked breakfast, (see above) The bread was really crispy and had a bit of ‘chewy’, just as I like it. You can customise your breakfast by adding other ingredients if you wish to.  The tomato sauce was delicious! It had a hint of bbq flavour, the only problem was, I wanted more!

There is a range of pastries freshly made that I can never resist and grab one to take away; they also have the paper to wrap your goodies in. My favourite is the Croissants. They are huge!!

Pain Au Raisin

Pan Au Chocolat

After we had filled our bellies, we went for a beautiful walk along the seafront; it was so busy! It was really mild and the sun was shining so everyone was out.

Lyme Regis

If you are ever in Lyme Regis, make sure you go to the ‘Town Mill’, I think it’s such a nice experience and definitely worth a visit.

Have you already been? What did you think?





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