Iconic London Illuminator Drops

I first discovered this illuminator whilst watching a Youtuber, It looked so beautiful on her skin; it gave such a gorgeous finish which gave the skin a non-powdery look. Having slightly more mature skin, applying too many powders can start looking cakey on me and emphasize fine lines and pores. With this liquid illuminator, you still see skin, minus imperfections but gives you an out of this world glow. I literally love this illuminator so much, It’s like nothing else.

After I’ve finished my makeup but before my setting spray, I put a few drops of the original shade onto the back of my hand and dab my Beautyblender into it before bouncing the product onto the high points of my cheeks, around my temples and above my brows. I’ll then take any leftover product down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow. It takes hardly any blending and catches the light as you move.  You don’t need a lot of it as it’s highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. I also sometimes mix a small amount in with my foundation if my skin is looking a little dehydrated and flat.

Iconic London recently came out with two other shades, Shine and Glow. Shine would suit fair skin tones and Glow for darker. Although it down to personal preference.

Iconic London

Iconic London

I recently bought ‘Glow’ to mix in with coconut oil for when I went on holiday, to give my skin an extra something in the evenings. Coconut oil alone gives your skin life, but adding these drops just makes your skin look a whole other level of ‘wow’. I knew they would look amazing with a tan, but not only did my skin look flawless, I looked like I’d been dipped in a bronze puddle of gorgeousness, It made my legs like the ones you see in Vogue that are perfect and go on for miles. My body glowed like nothing I’ve used before and I felt really good.

These drops are £29.99 but they do last a long time.


L: Glow R: Original


Mixed in with my foundation, then to highlight

Coconut oil + Glow = ✨



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